For Bulletin Authors

The Bulletin is published by The Archaeological Society bf Connecticut, Inc; It publishes original papers primarily on the archaeology, anthropology, ethnohistory and related topics of Southern New England and Long Island Sound. Articles, reports, comments, letters, and book reviews should be submitted in duplicate on good quality bond paper, double-spaced, with wide margins. Manuscripts and especially the references should be submitted in American Antiquity style.  Exceptions will be made by the editor to accommodate camera-ready copy from word processors and computer printers not capable of the range of fonts and special characters available to typesetters. Original illustrations, which may be subject to photographic reduction and/or cropping, should measure either 5″ high and 7″ wide for a half page or 8″ wide 7″ high for a full page. Captions should be typewritten on a separate sheet and correlated to the figures. The number of illustrations will depend upon relevance. If illustrations  or parts .of the text have been previously published or are not original, full acknowledgment of permission must be included. Line illustrations should be drawn on heavy quality white artist’s paper with reproducible black ink. PMTs are a preferred alternative. All measurements must be reported in the metric system. When site units have been excavated using the English system, measurements may be reported in both systems. In reporting radiocarbon ages, give age, data, and laboratory number,  e.g., 11,950+ 100 years BP, 10,000 B.C.,  (Y-756). Date alone can be used in subsequent citations. – Use chemical symbol,  14C, not C14. This is the form used to report dates in Radiocarbon, the official journal for publication of original date lists.

Authors must assign the copyright for their articles to the society. All graphic’ submissions for accepted articles will be retained for any future reprinting.