Russel Award

The Russell Award is given in memory of Mr.  and Mrs. Bernie A Russell and Mrs. Althea Marsh Russell. This award is  given annually at the spring meeting to that member of the Society who by  dedication and example, has encouraged all to follow the principles and  objectives of The Archaeological Society of Connecticut and who has promoted  archaeology in Connecticut.

2009 Dawn and Jay McMahon
2007 Rob Wallace
2005 Dawn Brown
2004 Dr. Nicholas Bellantoni
2003 Daniel Cruson
2002 Mrs. Cindy McWeeny
2001 Dr. Irving Rouse
2000 Mrs. Shirley Paustian
1999  Mr. Lee West
1998 Ms. Luci Lavin
1997 Mr. Donald Malcarne
1996 Arthur Basto Archaeological Society (no individual named)
1995 Laurie Bradt
1994 Ms. Marina Mozzi
1993 Andrea Rand
1992 Joe Parkos
1991  Lucianne Lavin
1989  Dr. Robert Funk
1988  Mr. John Pfieffer
1987  Dr. Douglas Jordan
1986  Dr. Kenneth Feder
1985  Mrs. Renee Kra
1984  Mrs. Jane French
1983  Mr. Ernest Wiegand
1982  Mr. William J. Krause
1981  Mrs. Denise Tratolatis
1980  Mrs. Cecelia Kirkorian
1979  Dr, Roger W. Moeller
1978  Dr. Frederick Warner
1977  Mr. John Pawlowski
1976  Mr. David H. Thompson
1975  Mr. Maurice Wilson
1974  Mr. Edmund K. Swigart
1973  Mr. David Cooke
1972  Mr. Andrew J. Kowalsky
1971  Mr. Edmund Sinnott Jr
1970  Dr. Gustavus Pope
1969  Mrs. Edmund Sinnott Jr.
1968  Mr. Donald N. Clark
1967  Mr. John H. Smith
1966  Mr. George M. Johnson
1965  Mr. Frank Glynn
1964  Mrs. Eva Lutz Butler
1963  Dr. Irving B. Rouse
1962  Mr. Claude C. Coffin